Network NET-770Q
Car T-DMB Receiver


The NET-770Q is a mobile T-DMB receiver that can be used anywhere in the Korea or other countries to receive free
Digital Multimedia TV & Digital Audio Radio.
It can be used in a Car, Caravan, Truck, Bus, SUV, MPV and Boat, so you'll have all the entertainment you can handle, no matter
how long the trip!

The NET-770Q features two video outputs, two extra A/V inputs and a rear view camera input.
This unit is small enough to fit most anywhere in your vehicle. An Ext. Antenna with Magnetic Base is included.

Key Features

  • Built-in T-DMB and DAB

  • MPEG-4, H.264 Video Decoder

  • Receiving Frequency: 174 ~245MHz

  • Sensitivity: -102dBm

  • Support Teletext

  • TV Format: NTSC

  • Auto Network & Channel Search Function

  • Auto Display Function for Rear-view Camera

  • Two Video Outputs

  • Two A/V Inputs

  • Rear View Camera Input

  • Wireless Remote Control

  • Ext. Remote Control Sensor

  • Ext. Antenna with Magnetic Base

  • Power Requirements: DC 12V ~ 24V/0.6A

  • Weight (Net): 300g

  • Chassis Dimensions: 118W x 30H x 86Dmm



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