FM Stereo Modulator




This PLL FM stereo modulator converts any audio signal into an FM stereo signal which will play through your car radio,
without having to change the audio system ! 
Simply connect your favorite music source - DVD player, CD player, DivX player or Smart phone to the modulator and receive
your chosen music on FM stereo radio in the car !

FMP3-U    Odd Frequency x 7 Channels
FMP3-E    Even Frequency x 7 Channels

Key Features:

  • PLL System FM Transmitter Circuit

  • PLL Controls Data Input in Parallel: 4 Bits, 14ch

  • Built-in Pilot-tone System

  • Pre-emphasis, Limiter, Low-pass Filter Circuit

  • RF Output Level: 70dBu Maximum

  • Transmission Frequency Select: 7-Channel/200KHz Step

  • FM Modulation Depth: 75Khz (L+R+Pilot)

  • Stereo Separation: 40dB

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.3% Maximum

  • CE, E-mark, FCC, MIC, C-Tick Mark Version

  • Operating Power Voltage: 10V ~ 16V DC

  • Dimensions: 86W x 29H x 46Dmm

  • Weight: 90g



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